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Hangzhou public bicycle service system of the screen, every few seconds dozens of bikes are available.

Global 15 largest public bicycle sharing system rankings, 13 in China (in 21000 fifth in Paris, London to 12, 16500).Hangzhou population of slightly more than in London, but in 84000 at the top.

But in other Chinese cities, striking, not the official lease system, but the tens of thousands of beautiful "random" stop sharing bicycle.This was dubbed the "bicycle Uber" system, is a product of many new start-ups, these companies are fierce competition market and investment.

The scale of the system has been astonishing.Less than 1 year with mo worship the bike alone more than 100 new bicycle big push into 18 cities in China, and then the so-called ofo: has 10 million users in 33 cities, there are little blue bike as well as more than a dozen established the half-year to follow suit.

Although some problems such as disorderly heap affected traffic and city appearance, but after decades of unpopular, Shared economic cycle in China is cool again.

Hangzhou public bicycle technology experts say, worry about sharing the popularity of bike, "despite the problems, but they will always find a way".



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