Samsung flagship samsung W2017 latest offer of 12900 yuan

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insamsungIn the second half of the flagshipMobile phoneThe samsung Galaxy Note7Appearances at the same time, flip local tyrantsSamsung W2016Mobile phone sequel --Samsung W2017Mobile phone on India's import and export site Zauba, using a 4.2 -inch screen.

samsungW2017Mobile phones in India Zauba with 4.2 -inch screen

India Zauba data show that there are five samsung W2017 have shipped to IndiatestAnd screen size will also be upgraded by paragraph 2016 of 3.9 inches to 4.2 inches.

Zauba data also showed that samsung W2017 monovalent 27492 Indian rupees (about 2729 yuan).And W2016 cost up to $26000, believed that samsung W2017 selling price will be high.

Samsung W2017 phone Zauba appeared in India with a 4.2 -inch screen

Samsung W2017 phone Zauba appeared in India with a 4.2 -inch screen

According to previous messages, samsung W2017 code Veyron (Veyron), models of SM - 2017, upgraded to a Exynos8890Eight nuclearThe processor,cameraHas to do withSamsung S7.Same with 5 million +12 million pixelsCombination, still use two 3.9 -inch 720 p level Super AMOLED panel (before and after the two sides in mobile phone parts above), is expected to be released at the end of the year.

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