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   As shipbuilding, surveying and mapping, navigation and other technological advances made it possible to ocean voyage, the ultra-wideband, cloud computing, Internet of things, the rise of information and communication technologies such as artificial intelligence, as we open the 'big maritime era of digital world."Huawei's CEO xu straight army in 2016 annual report delivered a speech.

Held on April 11-13 huawei 14th analysis normal university conference, huawei said the future will focus on the digital transformation, to vigorously develop the cloud services.

Xu said, cloud services has become a basic business model, huawei will pass private cloud and public cloud with operators, proprietary public cloud and so on a variety of ways to provide cloud services, help enterprises to complete "agile and intelligent" as the core of the digital upgrade.Beginning in 2017, Huawei will with public Cloud as an opportunity to build strong investment open, reliable public Cloud platform, to build "Huawei Cloud Family".

Digital transformation

IDC believes that 2017 is the first year of digital transition economy.

IT leaders summit in 2017, IDC vice President and chief analyst Wu Lianfeng explanation, in 2017, 67% of the world's top 1000 companies have to transform digital at the core of his strategy;In 2019, the global digital transformation of IT investment of up to $2.2 trillion, about 60% higher than in 2016;By 2020, 50% of the global top 2000 enterprises in most business development will depend on the creation of digital enhance the ability of products, services, and experience, so will China 50% of the fortune 1000 companies.

According to IDC, the next three to four years, will rise to the macro scale digital transformation, thus changing at the same time, the operating direction of reshaping the world economic outlook.

GCI (" huawei global connected quantitative digital report "), according to the 2017 global digital economy process is accelerating, 2016 compared to the overall score GCI rose by 4% in 2015.Report shows that every $1 increase ICT investment to GDP will be an additional $3 returns, ICT (information, communications and technology) become an important driver of economic growth.Previously, GCI 2016 report also suggested that GCI increase a point, a 2.1% increase in national competitiveness, national innovation ability raise 2.2%, a 2.3% increase in national productivity, digital will effectively promote industrial upgrading transformation.

So, how to implement digital turned in smart society?The correlation between GCI index analysis found that cloud is one of the key: when fixed broadband penetration rate reached 10% and 10% respectively, cloud rate will appear two obvious rising inflection point;And once cloud rate reaches 3%, big data analytics and IOT investment have greatly ascend.

Nots allow to ignore, according to the report, the imbalance of the different level of national digital development is widening, presents the "Matthew effect", leading stage countries to promote faster and faster.

For huawei, which on the one hand to help operators network and business cloud, together with the operator industry serves the masses of customers.At the same time, huawei is trying to make in the form of cloud services can digital vertical industry, to the enterprise and government customers computing, storage, network, communication, enterprise joins and IoT, etc.On the other hand, huawei has to promote their own digital transformation, plans to use three to five years to build digital huawei.

Digital organizations will be what kind of form?Xu straight army also gave his answer.Digital group, he thought, for employees, partners and the customers to provide ROADS (real-time, on-demand, fully online, self-help and social) experience.From the point of enterprise internal, first to activate the staff, can make the staff;Second, based on customer requirements and technical evolution, agile innovation ability;Third to build a healthy ecological system, and any enterprise is not insulated in smart society;In addition to achieve intelligent operation, make full use of data to realize intelligent decision making.

Public cloud strategy

Used for public cloud noncommittal huawei not formally launched in July 2015 the public cloud services, from behind the scenes to the front desk.After more than a year in the past, huawei announced the formation of specialized Cloud BU, huawei will add to the team of more than 2000 people, want to use 2 years time filling line capacity.

"Frankly, in the past internal do not completely agree, agree on a strategy this year, huawei will enter the public Cloud market in China, so set up Cloud BU, huawei overseas will cooperate with operators on the Cloud."Huawei's strategic marketing President Mr Xu in the 21st century economic report reporter interview, huawei technology accumulation, but few placement in industry application for small and medium enterprises, enterprise online ability is not strong, Cloud BU to supplement the main.

According to understand, is different from the past organization mode, as a new business unit, the future Cloud BU will be around the whole process of public Cloud service, provide the different needs of different sectors to Cloud products.Can see, selling equipment and solution of huawei is gradually turned to selling services.

Cloud BU President Zheng Yelai explains, huawei close to 30 years of history, to create excellent products and solutions sales to customers is its mature business model.Today, cloud services become a common and basic business model, also has given rise to more business opportunities.This kind of circumstance, from bearing the future ICT to meet customer needs and business value cash terms, huawei is determined by the role of service providers to provide services.

As is known to all, the cloud war rages Internet companies, IT companies are accelerating to expand market share the coveted cake.Huawei's public clouds are divided into two parts, provide proprietary public clouds at home, abroad and the main carriers in contact with industry partners.In xu straight the point of view, the advantage of huawei has two points, the first is a global telecommunications operator partners, in overseas markets to help in the form of partnership into overseas operators to enter the public cloud market, developing the advantage of the resources of the country is huawei.The second is offline direct contact with enterprise customer resources.Online and the advantages of the resources of the telecom operators, let huawei can take a different development path of public clouds.

Internet companies, further explains Mr Xu, huawei public clouds are the main customers industry users, and ground forces, huawei is filled with huawei institutions and personnel, can be found in real time huawei, understanding of the industry to better meet the personalized needs of customers, response to clients with the industry equipment development.In addition, huawei is not to use customer data liquidation as the profit model, adhere to the open platform not kidnap the customer, will let users more at ease.

Huawei's Marketing department chairman Mr. Zhang added that cloud computing 1.0, the cloud is mainly the Internet company, was born in the enterprise did not cloud data migration barriers.In 2.0 times of cloud, traditional enterprises to implement the digital transformation in succession to the cloud, it must be combined with the production system, need service providers are more familiar with the business in the industry, help customer to do migration, complete cloud transformation.Due to the change of demand, on the level of huawei and Internet companies belong to the same starting line.

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