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On April 1, 2017, Seoul says because huawei technology can eavesdrop on communication content, so South Korea's biggest SK telecom operators are required to ban the use of huawei's network equipment.SK corp, said they are examining other manufacturers offer, to find a new cooperation opportunities for the company.

We speculated that South Korea was concerned about eight years ago huawei registered in Israel the Toga Networks company research and development of technology.The shape of this technology is a kind of communication tools, can help telecom supplier check through its router transmission of data.This is a kind of deep inspection packet technology, usually used in the flow of high priority.Dial telephone network, such as user via email account then the detection technology can identify whether the account landed on a particular web site, and whether to use a certain keywords.

The technology is from the United States.In foreign media reports also have the related theory of the personage inside course of study of product, they artificially after the telephone connected, the server will retain data, if the project has a simple instruction code, can easily steal information.But consider the huawei's size and business scope, we think it might be something.

South Korea is a country what kind of?

South Korea is notoriously worldwide self-sufficiency, this also is in the past ten years, South Korea is influenced by the economic policy type of seclusion, eventually formed the local powerful industrial manufacturing and generation.So we often say that companies such as samsung and LG can have today's status, cannot leave at that time, Kim dae-jung, gao jian, President lee myung-bak and other several and acting President of governance.

Then South Korea has developed a kind of hidden rules: can not foreign need not foreign.Qualcomm popular in Korea, it is relying on in both and samsung in China and North America relations of cooperation.But the relationship between huawei and SK is basically began to set up in 2013, South Korea's national aspect more or take huawei as the "foreign man".

In front of the park and the shamanism Ann government, the conservative voices prevailed, outsiders are not popular.So domestic industry all judgment before long: even if huawei has no such technology, South Korea will continue to crackdown on different levels.

Huawei back pan?

Communications and consumer electronic gap is very big, don't look at 5 g technology warlords regime, but everyone we need cooperation to carry out at the end of the day.This is what we often say "industry standards".Various manufacturers in technology development at the same time also represents the national network, the local construction of the Internet.

So we can say that huawei sales in South Korea mostly to technology, strengthen the overseas network environment adaptability.For earnings in 2016, we clearly see that huawei's key battleground relations with South Korea is not large, or even in the local setting more long-term development goals.Means that even if the relationship is not reached, for there is no impact on China.

Ten thousand steps back, huawei's detection is a modular products, customers can choose whether to add this tool.Thus it can be seen that South Korea's motive was more obvious, the judgment of the foreign media to a certain extent, is colored glasses to see, not combined with the actual situation.Maybe, I'm wearing tinted glasses, but I'm still pretty huawei this wave.


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