Hong Kong and Macao to develop an bay health industry economy

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Chen Rugui to zhongshan campus of guangdong pharmaceutical university research, with broad medicine, the broad medicine group to discuss politics production-study-research cooperation
Hong Kong and Macao to develop an bay health industry economy

Source: zhongshan daily 2017-03-11 8090 A1 release date: on March 11, 2017

Zhongshan journal, 10 March 11 - morning, party secretary Chen Rugui to zhongshan campus of guangdong pharmaceutical university research, especially, the overall planning of campus construction, and with the guangdong pharmaceutical university, guangzhou pharmaceutical group co., LTD., to discuss politics production-study-research cooperation.

Guangdong pharmaceutical university is one of the three pharmaceutical university, is the guangdong training high-level medical talents and new drug research and development, the achievements of the important bases.Founded in 2003, the school and zhongshan city government "zhongshan campus of guangdong pharmaceutical university," pharmaceutical affairs management, Chinese materia medica, food science and 27 majors, cumulative conveying graduates for the society more than 17000 people.Wide medicine group is set branch, industry and trade in the integration of large enterprise groups, has a listed company wide medicine baiyun mountain and nearly 30 members of the enterprises.Achieve sales income is 87.8 billion yuan in 2016, comfortably in "China's pharmaceutical industry the top first".In December last year, the municipal government and guangdong pharmaceutical university, the broad medicine group, friendly consultation, biological health development to formulate the strategic cooperation framework agreement.

The CPC cadres in the meeting, the municipal government, city innovation yue-xia wu, director of the office, guangdong pharmaceutical university principal Guo Jiao, guangzhou pharmaceutical group co., LTD., chairman of Li Chuyuan respectively on further deepening trilateral cooperation idea is put forward.Three parties will build the biological medicine research and development of public platform, create innovative biotechnology industrialization base, comprehensive cooperation to carry out the health care keeping in good health, and explore to adapt to the new reform of hospital pharmaceutical logistics service cooperation mode, strengthening the talent cultivating power industry development, to build a large bay area of guangdong health special plate, etc., to carry out a series of cooperation.

Chen Rugui spoke highly of the tripartite cooperation, and thanks to wide medicine big, the broad medicine group support of sun yat-sen's economic and social development.The next step, he said to docking, deepen the scheme, advancing the project embodiment, combination of zhongshan town of health industry platform, characteristic, vigorously promotes the construction of high-level university operations.By zheng manufacture-learning-research cooperation, make the education of health industry highlands, research highlands, service heights.

Chen Rugui said, zhongshan future development will focus on two main line, one is to stick to innovation drive, leading the development of cluster innovation entrepreneurship elements;2 it is to enhance the city livable environment, the construction of healthy city.He pointed out that sun yat-sen has national medical health industry base city, south China modern traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese and German (zhongshan) biological medicine industrial park, and other key health industry development platform.Health industry is a pillar industry of zhongshan, is also the key point of the development of the industry in the future direction, realize the output value of nearly 80 billion yuan in 2016, is speeding up into the billions of industry cluster.

Chen Rugui stressed that zhongshan should be through the development of health industry, improve health services, improve health care, creating a healthy environment, efforts to build a large bay area of guangdong oriented health industry economy.It is actively apply to the national policy, set up the healthy development of science and technology in cui heng new district area, for medical new technology, new drug approval, new equipment access pilot policies related to try demonstration area, build agglomeration high-end medical talents and scientific research of the high-end platform.The second is based on five guishan, nam long town, unique advantage, build "first-class + environmental + leading industries first-class service", planning and construction set of medical, rehabilitation, leisure, ecology, resort town of health.3 it is to play to the government, university and enterprise resource advantages, talent advantage, technological advantage, market development advantages, guide to promote multilateral cooperation, build a service and guide the high-end industrial agglomeration platform carrier landing and effective mechanism.Four is to further do a good job in high-level university, key support to speed up the development of guangdong pharmaceutical university zhongshan campus, innovation and development, all-round development.Giving full play to the advantages of university teaching, scientific research, foreign cooperation, establish characteristic specialty, do a good job in continuing education platform, in the high-end, shortage and reingistic personnel at the same time, deliver more scientific research achievements, research and development institutions, the formation of brand effect.

City leaders Xu Xiaoli, li changchun to participate in the investigation.




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