South Korea continues to heat to 14 people are dead

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South Korea last week to open "sauna" model, the temperature up all the way even to break the record.23 great heat, solar terms, the temperature reached a 31 ℃, Seoul Korea jiangling area minimum area minimum temperatures close to 30 ℃, all hit its highest level on record since 1907.24, Korea is north NingChuan sunnybrook surface temperature is 40.2 ℃, the temperature observation in the history of the region for the first time in more than 40 ℃ high temperature.

In the days of continuous high temperature, lead to heat stroke patients.South Korea disease management headquarters since May 20, run "heat disease emergency monitoring system", as of 23 statistics show that South Korea has symptoms such as 1303 stroke patients, 14 people are dead;Nearly half of 9 cases of heatstroke and deaths had occurred in high temperature continuous last week.

South Korea will hot on natural disasters.According to local media reports, some members of congress had repeatedly proposed amendment under the basic law of the disaster and safety management, claim should be extremely hot as a natural disaster.South Korea's President, wen in Yin in the blue house recently chaired a meeting of state meeting, also said it is necessary to will be included in the special high temperature hot weather disaster, take effective measures.

A few days ago, South Korea meteorological agency has in view of the national areacityRelease heat warning, this is the first time South Korea will release high temperature warning expanded to all the inland cities across the country.South Korea disease management headquarters announced many times, it is recommended that people hydrated, noon to 17 PM to avoid outdoor activities.


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