China unicom mixed change scheme and resumption announcement: August 21, opening

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Late August 20, China unicom (stock code: 600050) issued on the mixed ownership reform on special announcement, formal disclosure of mixed ownership reform pilot overall plan and plans to reform the content of the points.At the same time, China unicom shares also released non-public armour plans and restricted stock incentive plan (draft), and other bills and announcements about the stock resumed.Company shares will be opened up on August 21.

Announcement shows that China unicom mixed ownership reform pilot will introduce has synergistic effect and lead strategic investors.The mix it on non-public and old stock transfer, introduced is the industry leader, and the company has a synergistic effect of strategic investors, including large Internet companies, vertical industry leading companies, has the strength of industry group and financial enterprises, domestic leading industrial fund and so on.

On August 16, 2017, a subsidiary of China unicom unicom company in Beijing respectively with tencent, baidu, jingdong, alibaba and other partners, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in writing.Agreement parties in line with the friendly and pragmatic, negotiation and mutual benefit principle, proposed in the related field is established and further deepen cooperation partnership.

China unicom to mix change is proposed to establish and improve the coordination, effective checks and balances of mixed ownership enterprises corporate governance mechanism.The mixed before the change, the company's total equity about 21.197 billion shares.In the change process, the company intends to strategic investors non-public no more than about 9.037 billion shares, to raise funds not more than about 61.725 billion yuan.By unicom group to structure adjustment fund contract transfer its holdings of the company has about 1.9 billion shares, the transfer price of about 12.975 billion yuan.To the core staff first awarded no more than about 848 million shares of restricted stock, to raise funds not more than about 3.213 billion yuan.

The transaction consideration total no more than about 77.914 billion yuan, after the completion of the transaction all issued in accordance with the limit calculation, unicom group company jointly held about 36.67%;Newly introduced strategic investors aggregate holds about 35.19% stake, further formation of mixed ownership diversified ownership structure.

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