China-us relations will leave high to go down again?Expert: is the key to north

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Comprehensive global times reports of the meeting of the heads of state of China and the United States 】 effect further.12, an interview with the Wall Street journal,The United StatesThe President said trump, will not putChinaAs a currency manipulator, for currency manipulation, China is no longer specified China of manipulating its currency could undermine the United States and ChinaNorth KoreaNegotiation of the problem.

What caused the government policy to trump?Reuters said Sunday, less than three months, trump all of a sudden change in Russia, China,NATOPosition and a series of foreign policy issues.Trump obviously turn to the more traditional foreign policy, as his government infighting, his chief strategist bannon et decline in influence., according to the New York times trump's stunning reversal on economic policy, shows that he from Wall Street financial staff is out of the White House populist leader bannon bound.Trump's statement means that he is going mainstream economic policy.In trump economic policy adjustment at the same time, the United States office of management and budget director ma, 12, according to trump the campaign promises about sharply reduce the U.S. debt is "glory".

  Japan, trump foreign scholars said recently in China and the "back" on the currency issue, suggests that he may not rely on the trade committee chairman navarro, etc of the White House adviser.In government, trump navarro and chief strategist bannon criticism on China's currency and trade issues.Trump's decision may indicate his son-in-law and senior adviser kushner, Cohen, chairman of the national economic council and others in China have more say on the question of kushner and Cohen is in favor of developing more harmonious economic ties with China.But the article also thinks that not to name China a currency manipulator can not ensure that will not happen again in our future tense, trump the government may see "one hundred plan".

The United StatesCornell university,Professor ace val prasad in an interview with the global times reporter also said that although China and the United States on the issue of RMB exchange rate, but the two countries are not to be lightly, trade risk is that this behavior is probably a spiral to overweight.

"Different campaign and governance. The campaign trail, need to please voters trump, tree some target, but after taking office cannot judge on governance in the wrong. And if from China, foot trump doesn't get any benefits."Da said ehud Shapiro, director, of the China institute of contemporary international relations in the United States the 13th to the "global times" reporter, said not to name China a currency manipulator although itself is a false proposition, but also does some well-meaning trump said that sino-us relations are returning to relatively strong, more uncertainty pipe to maintain close communication norm, the uncertainty of particularly strong phase is over.The future is a key period of china-us relations, one hundred days from the United States view may be the touchstone of trust in the future.China-us relations now, may be like Clinton and bush leave high to go lower, the key point of high go, it seems to us is that north Korea and economic and trade.Da said ehud Shapiro believes the deal with the United States, China should stick to their positions and interests, some flexibility in tactics.Such as the media have recently saying, ready to open to American beef market in China, and open the financial sector investment.These are tactical, and China is the same in the direction of the reform and opening up.

The global times's ambassador to the United States, Japan,SingaporeSpecial correspondent A: zhang peng fai Li Zhen XinBin global times reporter Yao Lijuan Wei Hui 】


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