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In the next decade will be what?The Chinese do?Xi jinping, the latest statement
time: 2018-07-27     

      President xi jinping, 25, was invited to attend the brics countries held in Johannesburg, South Africa business BBS, and published titled "conform to the trend of The Times to realize the common development of important speeches.In his speech, Mr Xi important judgment on international situation and the future development, and put forward the policy proposals and Suggestions.


Important to determine

Xi jinping pointed out,The world is facing from the big change in one hundred.For the emerging market countries and developing countries, the world is full of opportunities, there is also a challenge.The brics cooperation between has entered its second decade.

  ——In the next 10 years, will is the key to the new and old world economy kinetic energy conversion for 10 years.Artificial intelligence, big data, quantum information, biotechnology, a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution is gathering strength, creating a large number of new industries, new forms and new mode, brings to the world development and human production and life.

  ——In the next 10 years, will be the international pattern and evolution in the relative strength of 10 years.Emerging market countries and developing countries on the world economic growth contribution rate has reached 80%.According to the exchange rate method to calculate, the economy of these countries is close to 40% of the world.Keep the pace of development now,Ten years later will be close to half of the world total.Emerging market countries and developing countries mass rise unstoppableMore comprehensive and balanced, will lead to the development of the global landscape, make the more solid the foundation of world peace.

  ——In the next 10 years, will be profoundly reshaping of the global system of governance for 10 years.World multi-polarization and economic globalization in the twists and turns, geopolitical hotspots, the terrorism, lingering of armed conflict.Unilateralism, protectionism intensified, hard-hit multilateralism and the multilateral trade system.Want cooperation or opposition, want to open or closed, mutually beneficial and win-win or relying on the international community once again came to the crossroads where to go

Four Suggestions

In the face of such situation, the brics should I do?Xi jinping, put forward four-point proposal:

A,Adhere to the win-win cooperation, the construction of open economy.A trade war is not desirableBecause there won't be the winner.More bad economic hegemonyBecause it will damage the interests of the international community,Will eventually shooting themselves in the foot.The brics countries should firmly construction open world economy, a clear-cut stand against unilateralism and protectionism.

Second,Lead adhere to innovation, grasp the development opportunities.In the new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, blow away the cobwebs inevitably lead to industry changes, the process is painful.In front of the new technology bring new opportunities, each country has equal right to development.Tide come, behind will lag behind, will be eliminated.

Three,Adhere to the tolerant pratt &whitney, benefit the people all over the world.The African continent is most concentrated in developing countries, is also the most potential regions in the world.We should strengthen the cooperation, support for Africa's development.

Four,Uphold multilateralism, improve global governance.The current international order is not perfect, but as long as it is based on rules, with justice as the guidance, to mutual benefit as the goal, cannot optional, more will be re-evaluated.

  Solemn promise

Xi jinping pointed out that this year is the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up.We will continue to open the door to construction.

Will continue to create a more attractive investment environment, strengthen the docking with the international rules, increase transparency and stick to handle affairs according to law, encourage competition, against monopoly.

Will strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, increase law enforcement, and improve the illegal cost, encourage normal technical exchanges and cooperation between enterprises, protect all enterprise legal intellectual property rights.

Will take the initiative to increase imports, and promote the current-account balance.

Will continue to promote the building of "area".All the way to build "neighbourhood" initiative to uphold the principle of discuss sharing, originated from China, belong to the world.




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