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Xi jinping, a dialogue between "the brics +" leaders
time: 2018-07-29      source: http://news.haiwainet.cn/n/2018/0727/c3543696-3136


Johannesburg July 27 (xinhua) "the brics +" leaders dialogue between 27 held in Johannesburg, South Africa.The leaders discuss international development cooperation and south-south cooperation and reached broad consensus.President xi jinping attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Xi jinping pointed out that the world is undergoing a period of great development change adjustment of emerging markets and developing countries face common challenges and opportunities.Emerging market countries and developing countries increasingly important to strengthen unity and cooperation.

First, broaden "the brics +" cooperation, jointly deepen mutually beneficial partnership.We should understand each other, support each other, mutual care, with "the brics +" as an opportunity of cooperation, the construction of open inclusive, cooperation and win-win partnership, a platform to deepen south-south cooperation.

Second, expanding "brics +" cooperation, jointly develop new kinetic energy.We should grasp the opportunity and joint through the meeting set up brics partnership and new industrial revolution preemption oriented development the commanding heights, the complementary advantages and synergistic effect fully released, innovation, linkage, inclusive development.

Third, broaden "the brics +" cooperation, together create a favorable external environment.We want to jointly safeguard the multilateral trade system, the construction of an open world economy, continue to promote global economic governance reform, improve the representative and emerging market countries and developing countries.

"Brics +" fourth, expand cooperation and jointly build a new type of international relations.We should firmly maintain the multilateralism, and promote towards a more just and reasonable international order, common to carry out the sustainable development agenda in 2030, adhere to the north-south cooperation as the main channel and supplement with south-south cooperation pattern of international development cooperation.

On July 27, "the brics +" leaders meeting held in Johannesburg, South Africa.President xi jinping attended the meeting and delivered a speech.The xinhua news agency reporters li tao

Xi stressed that the brics leaders meeting again walk into Africa, is of great significance.We should use the dialogue as an opportunity to comprehensively deepen the brics partnership with African countries.China and Africa has always been a good friend and good partner and good brother.In the joint efforts of both sides, china-africa comprehensive strategic partnership of rapid development, has formed an omni-directional, multilevel and wide-range cooperation pattern, benefit hundreds of millions of people.Future whatever international pattern changes, China will uphold the true kiss sincere idea and correct 'view, continue to support African development revitalization.In September this year, China will host the Beijing summit of the BBS on china-africa cooperation and Africa.I'm looking forward to meet with African leaders in Beijing, to deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership of energy.

Xi stressed that socialism with Chinese characteristics into the new era, at the same time, China is the world's largest developing country status has not changed.No matter how China's development in the future, forever belongs to developing countries, will firmly support the development of developing countries, will continue to develop close partnership with you.We should take "the brics +" as a platform of cooperation, work together, sheer forge ahead, hand in hand to promote the emerging market countries and developing countries greater achievements in the common development.

Attend other leaders praised the brics leaders met in Johannesburg last meeting in xiamen, continue to hold "the brics +" leaders dialogue, praised the embodies the inclusiveness of the brics cooperation, support the dialogue mechanism, the construction of a wide range of development partnership, promote south-south cooperation.The parties believe that the current situation, especially facing the challenge of unilateralism and rising protectionism, to deepen the unity cooperation, emerging markets and developing countries promote brics partnership with Africa development, enhance the level of pragmatic cooperation in all areas and jointly oppose unilateralism and protectionism, inclusive growth and sustainable development, promote the well-being between people from different countries.

The brics leaders blessed by South Africa's President, vladimir radmanovic, Brazil's President, MEL, Russian President vladimir putin, India's prime minister, Mr Modi and dialogue was invited to Angola, Argentina, Botswana, the democratic republic of Congo, Egypt, Gabon, lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, mozambique, namibia, Rwanda, Senegal, seychelles, Tanzania, Togo, Turkey, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, leaders in Jamaica or on behalf of the head and African regional organizations concerned to attend the meeting.

Ding Xue Xiang, Yang, wang yi, he lifeng, etc.The (reporter ShangYang LuoJun)


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